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Rob Hill Presents: Tips for a Delicious—and Healthy—Hanukkah ✡️

By: Rob Hill

Tips for a Delicious—and Healthy—Hanukkah

It’s Hanukkah time and that means eight days of food, friends, and parties. Traditionally, the holiday is marked with generous heapings of mouth-savory fried foods like latkes, elaborate pastries, doughnuts and, of course, all things cheese. But there are ways to still enjoy the festive gluttony without overtaxing your body.

One simple way to start is to jettison dairy products for plant-based alternatives. The dairy-free sector has come a long way in creating healthier and delicious alternatives to the devilish dairy items we most love. From tasty vegan sour creams to brilliantly flavored soy cheese to almond milk, you don’t have to sacrifice taste for health anymore.

You can ditch the eggs too. Eggs are easily replaced  in many recipes without losing flavor or consistency. For example, you can use silken tofu, flax seed or chia seeds doused in tepid water. Another option is simply using unsweetened fruit puree topped with baking powder. The same goes for frying everything. Look to pan-fry instead of deep-frying, and always use organic cooking oils such as coconut, olive, or hemp.

Even your favorite matzo balls can be healthy by simply cooking them with non-hydrogenated vegan butter, or grape seed oil. And you don’t have to completely ditch your gluttonous pastries and chocolates. You can simply make the age old recipes with whole wheat flour or gluten-free flour—and always buy chocolates that are primarily dark.

Finally, make sure that the hefty meat dishes come with healthy sides like a seasonal salad, cooked brussel sprouts, or a cauliflower dish. But perhaps the best thing you can do for your body during Hanukkah is to skip the jelly-filled donuts altogether. Or, if you can’t do that, split one with a family member.

Have a happy—and healthy—Hanukkah ✡️

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